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Advocating for customers who are misled by false and inaccurate claims by sellers

Most companies play by the rules. But some don’t. They overhype their products, use smoke and mirror tactics, or just plain falsify “facts” to trick people into buying their products. Kneupper & Covey is committed to exposing these companies and obtaining compensation for the people who have relied on their false promises. If you have fallen victim to shady claims and advertising tactics contact us today for a free evaluation of your case.
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class action lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits are suits designed to protect a large group of people who’ve been injured in similar ways. Our firm takes on class actions to protect victims of various kinds of consumer fraud. If a business has been mistreating lots of people, it might make a good class action.

We represent consumers in both individual cases and as classes against companies that mistreat them.
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Consumer Protection

Most states have laws protecting consumers and requiring businesses to tell them the truth and deal with them fairly. The laws impose consequences if they don’t, and you can recover damages and attorney’s fees.

If a business has treated you badly and didn’t deal fairly with you, we may be able to help.
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False Advertising

False advertising is when a business lies or misleads its customers in the advertising for its products or on the packaging or labels. We represent consumers who were misled in ads, either with exaggerated claims about how good a product is or what it’s made of.

Businesses have obligations to tell the truth to their customers, and we fight back against companies that don’t.
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Warranty Breach

Breach of warranty is when a company makes a guarantee that a product will work a certain way, or promises to repair it, but then they refuse. We help consumers who’ve tried to get a business to honor their warranty, but the business wouldn’t do it.

If have a warranty on a product (for example your car, an appliance, electronics) and the business won’t do what it promised it would, you may have a legal claim against them.
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Defective Product Lawyer

Product Liability Lawyers

Tens of millions of people suffer injuries from using things they bought that should have been safe, but turned out to be dangerous. When companies don’t do the work to design a safe product in the first place, they can be held responsible legally if they injure someone, whether they meant to or not.

Our product liability lawyers usually step in when it’s something more serious than just the product not working.
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Auto title claims

Auto Title Claims

Most states have a time limit for how long car dealers have to give you the title to the car you bought, and it’s usually short—30 days or so is typical.

So why wouldn’t the dealer be giving you the title right away? Often it’s a sign of a problem.

If you’ve bought a car and the dealer won’t give you the title, and it’s been a long period of time, we’ll review your case at no cost. We may not only be able to get you your title, but also get you damages from the dealer for the trouble they’ve caused by not giving it to you when they should have.

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Bank Fraud Disputes

Bank Fraud Disputes

One situation we run across that is surprisingly common are banks that refuse to refund money to you when it’s stolen from your bank account.

What happens is that you dispute a charge as fraudulent, and then the bank tells you they’re doing an investigation. But then even though you have proof that your account was hacked, or that you weren’t the one who did it, they tell you that the results of their investigation were that there was no fraud.

Some banks are worse than others about this. If your bank claims they’ve investigated but won’t refund a fraudulent charge, we may be able to help.
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