Thousands of Green Dot Bank customers across the country are dealing with a terrible, and for many, financially devastating situation right now: they cannot access money in their Green Dot bank accounts.  People who worked hard for their money and need it—to pay rent, buy food, cover medical expenses or buy clothes for their kids—are finding they’re total locked out of their accounts by Green Dot Bank.

News stories about this say Green Dot Bank has blamed a “glitch,” but real detailed answers about the root of the problem aren’t public right now.  But one thing is clear: if you’re unable to get into your Green Dot Bank account right now and you don’t know why, it’s probably Green Dot Bank’s fault, not yours. If you have this problem, Click Here to submit details about your situation. We’ll review your situation for free. We are looking for customers who want to help end this situation for everyone by filing a class action lawsuit.

Green Dot Bank is a big financial institution that people trusted to do a job (hold their money until they wanted to use it) and Green Dot Bank is not living up to its end of that bargain: it took its customers’ money, but now thousands are finding that when they want to use their own hard-earned money, Green Dot Bank won’t let them access it.

Why can’t I get into my Green Dot account to get my money?


Green Dot Bank hasn’t really explained why thousands of its customers are unable to access their money.  It’s told some people there’s a “glitch,” but that’s not really a satisfying explanation for someone who is locked out of their Green Dot Bank account.  Here at Kneupper & Covey, we believe the answer may be that you can’t log into your Green Dot Bank account because Green Dot Bank and its partners were negligent or otherwise failed to fulfil their legal and contractual obligations to you. If you can’t access your GreenDot account – and large numbers of other people can’t either – that’s a problem that can only be blamed on the company.

What does Walmart have to do with the fact that I can’t access my Green Dot Bank account?


Green Dot Bank partnered with Walmart to offer a prepaid Walmart MoneyCard.  Many of the people who are locked out of their Green Dot Bank accounts have Walmart MoneyCard.  These people presumably trusted Walmart (it’s the biggest retailer in America, after all) but these same people are finding they’re unable to use the money on their Walmart MoneyCards.

Can a class action lawsuit help me fight back against Green Dot Bank for not letting me access my money?


Our firm believes that big corporations should take responsibility if something goes wrong. If thousands of people are unable to access the money they need to pay rent, buy food, or support family members because of a failure on Green Dot Bank’s part, then Green Dot Bank should be held responsible for the damages those people suffer.  Even if Green Dot Bank eventually does give people back access to their money, that doesn’t change the fact that going without your money for days (or weeks) when bills are due can be financially disastrous, not to mention incredibly stressful.  Green Dot Bank should be held accountable for the injuries its failure to let people access their money is causing. Our firm has sued Green Dot for this exact problem in the past. If you need help with this problem we likely can help, either by filing an individual claim or even potentially by filing a class action lawsuit.

A class action lawsuit is where a few people represent a large group of people. They act as the “class representative,” which is just the person who sues for everyone else. Then the lawsuit goes ahead just like any other lawsuit does, but with a way to recover money for a lot more people. If there’s a settlement, or a jury verdict, then the money is distributed out to the people who were victims of whatever the bad behavior was that you’re suing over. The class representative is just an ordinary person who does their civic duty and lets their own personal lawsuit act as a way to help everyone else as well.

If you aren’t able to log into your Green Dot Bank account, fill out our form By Clicking Here. There’s no cost to you for us to review your potential claim. If we think we can help we’ll be in touch to discuss how we may be able to get compensation for you and even potentially everyone else who was a victim of Green Dot’s “glitch.”