Kneupper & Covey Attorney Lorraine Weekes has been interviewed by NBC News to discuss the class action suit the firm filed against Money Network Financial, LLC over their handling of the California Middle Class Tax Relief (MCTR) program. The lawsuit alleges that Money Network Financial was negligent in handling the cards that they sent out to millions of Californians by failing to properly use security chips. As a result, the lawsuit alleges, Californians were having their Middle Class Tax Relief benefits stolen from unsecured cards by fraudsters who took advantage of the situation.

Lorraine explained the situation to NBC News and walked them through the problems Californians were suffering just trying to get the taxpayer money that was supposed to help them get through the current economic troubles. And she explained why Kneupper & Covey is trying to hold the companies who were paid by the State of California to handle the contract responsible. You can watch the full interview at NBC’s website here: