Attorney Cyclone Covey Interviewed by ABC News Atlanta About Green Dot Lawsuits

Attorney Cyclone Covey has been interviewed by ABC News Atlanta about Kneupper & Covey’s efforts to protect consumers whose money was locked up by Green Dot Bank. Green Dot, an online banking company, has been accused by numerous consumers of holding their money and refusing to give it back to them, even after they verified their identity. The company has been flooded with negative reviews online reporting similar conduct. Cyclone explained the details to ABC News in an interview which you can watch here:

Kneupper & Covey routinely represents clients whose banks have either refused to reverse unauthorized charges which weren’t from the consumer, or whose accounts have been frozen without any basis. Numerous consumers have been victims of this in recent years because of banks trying to save money by automating or outsourcing their fraud review process.

But that’s your money – and a bank can’t just hand off the fraud review process to a computer and wash their hands of you. People who can’t get their money out of their own bank account can’t pay their bills. As the ABC News story reports, one of the victims couldn’t even talk to the reporter on the phone because she hadn’t been able to pay the bills and her phone service had been shut off.

We don’t believe this is in any way acceptable, and it’s the bank’s responsibility to get it right if they want to freeze an account. If they do it incorrectly, we believe they need to pay for the consequences.

If you aren’t able to log into your Green Dot Bank account, fill out our form By Clicking Here. There’s no cost to you for us to review your potential claim.

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