Class Action Lawsuits

At Kneupper & Covey, we’re always happy to consider a class action where large numbers of consumers are being hurt in the same way. We started our firm with an investigation of various companies that were signing people up for “free samples” of products without telling them they’d be billed for a monthly subscription. We’ve filed class actions on various kinds of products including wrinkle creams, Keto diet pills, and hair loss cures.

In a class action, one person acts as the “class representative” for everyone who was injured. They’re the person named on the lawsuit, and they have duties to participate in the case in various ways. That generally means attending a deposition and settlement negotiations or mediations, and can involve reviewing various documents and other materials to help the attorneys guide the case and to ensure the class members have a voice at the table. Because it involves this work, if the class action is successful, the class representative is compensated for their time at the end, usually between $2,000 and $5,000.

For a class action to be successful, there have to be common issues and a large group of people who are generally injured in the same way. That could mean seeing the same false advertising on a label for a product, for example. Or it could mean that everyone went to the same website or to similar websites and had a very similar negative experience. Class actions make the most sense when everyone was injured, but for small amounts of money. It may seem like a big deal that a can of tuna didn’t have the quality of fish it claims it does, for example, and maybe people only lost a dollar or two each—but that money adds up, and companies shouldn’t get away with cheating people just because each person only lost a little.

If you think you’ve been injured in a way that might make a good class action, call us at 657-845-3100. We represent consumers in most of our cases on contingency, where we only charge a fee from the money we recover. We don’t charge for consultations and don’t charge a fee to evaluate your claim. If your claim doesn’t work as a class action, you might still be able to pursue it on your own individually.