When Should I Contact an Attorney about Car Title Problems?

If you’ve bought a car and the dealer won’t give you the title, and it’s been a long period of time, we’ll review your case at no cost. Call Kneupper & Covey today at 657-845-3100, or e-mail us at contact@kneuppercovey.com. We may not only be able to get you your title, but also get you damages from the dealer for the trouble they’ve caused by not giving it to you when they should have.

Some Car Dealerships our clients have had title issues with

1) Carvana – If you’ve bought a car from Carvana and are having trouble getting your title and registration, you’re not alone. Carvana is an online car dealer that’s had huge problems over the last year or so with customers not getting the titles to their car. Lots of different states have cracked down on them, resulting in lawsuits and even threats that they wouldn’t be able to keep selling cars in certain states.

2) Vroom – We’ve represented almost 300 clients against Texas-based Vroom who had problems with their purchasing experience.