Kevin Kneupper discusses banks that won’t reimburse for fraud on CBS News

Attorney Kevin Kneupper has been featured in a CBS News Ohio story broadcast by WBNS Channel 10 in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Kneupper, who is licensed in Texas and California only, was interviewed about consumer protection laws and how they apply to situations where consumers discover that they’ve been defrauded – but the banks won’t reimburse them for their losses. Journalist Andrew Kinsey reported on the story of a local woman who had a check stolen from her mailbox and found that her bank, Huntington Bank, was claiming she had been negligent and refusing to reimburse her. You can view the video here:

Consumers often find that their banks are reluctant to credit consumers for money fraudulently removed from their accounts, even when the fraud is obvious. The law firm of Kneupper & Covey fights back against banks that engage in these kinds of practices, and our lawyers have been interviewed by news stations around the country for our efforts to protect people against banks who don’t follow the rules. After the news story aired, journalist Andrew Kinsey ultimately got a refund for the woman who was the subject of the story. But not every consumer can get their story on the local news. If you can’t, and if you think a business is treating you unfairly, call Kneupper & Covey at 657-845-3100. Our lawyers may be able to help.

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