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The information on this website is a communication to the public and may considered advertising under various state laws and ethical rules.

This website and its contents are offered for communication purposes only and is not legal advice. No representations on this web site constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of any legal matter.

No Guarantee of Results

The outcome of each legal case depends upon the facts of each case, and no attorney can guarantee a positive result in any particular case.

Kneupper & Covey PC and its attorneys make no guarantees, warranties, or predictions about the outcome of your legal case.

We also make no representations that the quality of legal work to be performed is greater than the quality of legal work performed by other lawyers. Our prior results, including successful judgments and settlements, do not guarantee a similar outcome for you.

Costs of Litigation

Kneupper & Covey generally represents plaintiffs on a contingent basis. In most contingent cases Kneupper & Covey will advance the court costs and expenses of the litigation and obtaining its fees and reimbursement of costs and expenses from any recovery. In situations where Kneupper & Covey advances the fees and the litigation is not successful we do not hold the client responsible for any fees, costs, or expenses unless the costs are directly due to the client’s misconduct. Each engagement agreement with our clients will spell out the exact nature of the fees and how costs and expenses are to be borne and we may vary from our normal practice based on the circumstances of the case. Always read your engagement agreement with your attorneys closely before signing it and ask your prospective attorney to clarify anything that may be confusing to you before you sign the agreement.

No Attorney Client Relationship From Using This Site

Kneupper & Covey does not take on every person as a client who contacts it. There is no attorney-client relationship between any person and Kneupper & Covey until an engagement is agreed to in writing.

Attorney Cooperation

Kneupper & Covey may work with other firms on some of its cases and may refer cases to other qualified firms. Mr. Kneupper is licensed only in California and Texas and Mr. Covey is licensed only in Georgia and California. Other attorneys in the firm may be licensed in other states. If Kneupper & Covey elects to handle your case it may also work jointly with local counsel in your state. Any such joint counsel arrangements are disclosed to our clients before the representation begins.

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