The Internet is flooded with complaints from people who are having vehicle registration issues after they bought a car from Vroom. These people claim the company is failing to give them the title to the car for months on end – and some of them say Vroom never even had the title to begin with, and suddenly wanted the car back even though it had already been bought and paid for.

Our law firm is experienced helping people with title issues with car companies, including Vroom. You’ll likely have to pursue them in arbitration because of a clause in the company’s contract. But we’re eligible to practice in Texas, the state where Vroom is based, and we may be able to help you solve your registration problem.

You should know that you do have rights in this situation. Texas law requires that you get your title in a “reasonable period of time” (for example, Texas Transportation Code section 501.0234). That’s normally 20 working days, or 45 days total if it’s dealer financed. Vroom can’t just wait months and months and months to get you a title and registration if you bought a car from them. That’s a violation of state law, and it’s an unfair business practice. You might get stuck where you’re legally unable to drive your car, or worse, have questions about whether you even own it. Don’t let that happen to you.

If Vroom won’t give you the title and registration to your car, you shouldn’t wait. It could mean there’s a serious issue with the ownership. Click Here to Submit Your Claim Details. and we can evaluate your claim at no cost to you.

What are customers saying about Vroom’s title and registration process?

First of all, there are dozens of complaints against Vroom by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for failure to timely provide title and registration to people. You can see a screenshot of just a few of them here:

If you’re having trouble getting them to give you a registration, you’re not the only one. Then there are the various complaints to the Better Business Bureau, or “BBB.” As of the writing of this article, Vroom has over 6,000 BBB complaints and an “F” rating. Here are just a few examples:

On person reported that they’d been waiting more than three months for their title and registration: “I purchased a car from Vroom July 13th and have yet to have the title sent… I have called on this multiple times and even said to have a “claim number” with my request back in September for them to finally send it… and since have received the run around and the only answer customer support is able to give me is that it is in process. I am beyond frustrated and just want this to be done. I’m already making payments on this vehicle and do like it but this game that they’re playing is making me regret ever even hearing about them.”

Another person complained: “Car title problems previously owner never signed title and plates can not be sent .car was bought july 1 and keep getting temp tags. My employer requires permanent plates to park on premises. Why would vroom sell a car with title issues. I need full refund of my car price”

Another customer said: “Purchased 3/28/21, finalized 4/6/21, delivery late 4/21/21. Buyer tag expire 7/2/21. called in June to find out where documents and tags are. Advised… to take to Ohio BMV for vin inspection, done same day & returned to Vroom. Called in August, driving on expired tag & was told to get a vin inspection – other one now too old for them to send in so did another one, called to confirm receipt and that they had provided it to their “title vendor” for processing. On 8/16 I called to find out about tag title and registration & they said it was being mailedby the title vendor back to vroom. Recd a temp tag from them. called 8/30/21 was advised they show a fed ex was sent by their title vendor back on 8-16-21 & Vroom doesn’t know where any of my paperwork is but are sending another temp tag & said they have 2 more months to get this done.”

What is the media saying about Vroom’s registration issues?

Multiple news outlets have reported that Vroom is having issues promptly getting the title and registration to their customers. As one example, a television station in Houston, KPRC 2, reported that one customer had “made dozens of frustrating calls for help” to Vroom and even that their customer service representative had “made fun of her.” That’s not even close to ok. We take these issues seriously, because we know the serious effect losing the ability to drive your car legally can have on people. They could lose their jobs, have to pay tickets, or even get their car impounded. Lawsuits and arbitrations against Vroom can help fix these issues not just for you, but for other people who might experience the same thing if nobody stands up and tries to stop it.

If you’re having a problem with Vroom, we’re happy to evaluate your claim for free. Click Here to Submit Your Claim Details. We handle both lawsuits and arbitrations by consumers against dealers that don’t promptly give people their titles, and we might be able to help.