Seeking Class Action Plaintiff Representatives

Kneupper & Covey is dedicated to pursuing claims against companies that employ shady and illegal practices. Often these claims come in the form of class actions where one or two people represent the much larger group or “class” of people that have been harmed. These people are called Class Representatives. Often our firm discovers shady or illegal practices first and then we have to find someone who has been harmed by that practice to find . You may have seen ads on TV or online where a law firm will say something like, “Did You Buy Product XXX? If So You May Be Entitled to Compensation.” Many times those law firms are looking for someone to act as the class representative.

Join Our Class Action Investigation Email List

Our firm usually has multiple ongoing class action investigations. But even if we find a company doing something wrong we cannot proceed with a case until we find someone willing to act as a class representative. If you join our email list then you’ll receive early notice of any investigation we’re doing. If you bought the product in question or were harmed by the company we’re investigating then you might be able to act as a class representative in our case. To join our email list CLICK HERE to enter your information. If you are selected to be a class representative then you will need to agree to work with the attorneys and make decisions on behalf of all of the people who were harmed. You may have to explain their experience under oath in a deposition, or in court in the rare circumstance that a case goes all the way to a trial.

Why would anyone want to do this?

Partly because it helps stop companies from taking advantage of their customers, and it’s often the only way to make them follow the law.

Because you are fighting for everyone, you need to do a little more work: asking questions of your lawyer, reading court documents, and taking the time to think of everyone else. Sometimes, because of the extra work, if we win this case as a class action, the Court may approve your receiving what is called an “incentive award.” This means you can get some compensation because of the additional time and responsibility spent being a class representative. But that’s not a guarantee, and it depends on the particular case and the Court. Finally, class representatives do not have to pay out-of-pocket. Our firm covers all the costs and the legal fees so you are not hurt financially if you work with us.

Our Pledge to You

We pledge to all people on our class action investigation email list

  1. We will not sell your information to third parties.
  2. We will only email you about open class action investigations to see if you may be a possible class member.
  3. We will not clog your inbox with daily or weekly emails. We will only send at most two emails per month and we will send them only when we have investigations open. Some months we may send nothing.
  4. You can opt out any time.
  5. There is no cost to you.