Initial Note:

This is a REMOTE position, but you will need to attend court proceedings and depositions in the state in which you are practicing. See below for more details. If you’re interested, email your resume and writing samples to Put ATTORNEY APPLICATION in the subject line. Make sure your contact information is on your resume.


We are seeking an attorney who wants to use their law degree to help people, but get paid a livable salary to do it. Our firm specializes in complex consumer protection work. The bulk of our cases are class actions or mass arbitrations, but we handle a number of individual matters as well. The cases are complex – they range from RICO lawsuits targeting the “free trial scam” to mass arbitrations against online car sellers who won’t give people the titles to their cars.

We’re looking for talented people who are passionate about doing fulfilling, interesting work. At our firm you’ll get to help people who need it and change your clients’ lives for the better. A few examples of our smaller cases include lifting a five-year old judgment on a 90% interest loan by using phone metadata to prove the client wasn’t actually served, recovering money that was fraudulently removed from indigent clients’ bank accounts, or recovering on breach of warranty claims for clients who’ve spent entire summers without an air conditioner.

We do innovative investigative work, and we’ve built customized software to help us with our lawsuits. In addition to our docket of individual cases, we’ve pursued a number of complex class action cases involving allegations of fraud on the Internet or fraudulent advertising involving computer components.

Why would you want to work for us? We are an all remote firm, and the flexibility of our arbitration docket means almost all of our work is done via Zoom. We have good people and a relaxed environment. Our partners have worked in environments where attorneys thought it was okay to yell, scream or otherwise behave badly – we couldn’t stand it, and we don’t tolerate that here. You’ll get to work on challenging cases with people who work hard to win and who care about their clients.

And you get to do good with your law degree. You’ll be helping real people, many of them whose lives have been ruined by the situation they’re in. Most of our clients live paycheck to paycheck, even if they’re middle class. They come to us with situations that have turned their lives upside down – for example, clients who can’t drive their car because a dealer won’t give them the title, which means they can’t go to work, which means they get evicted – which ruins their life. We fix things for them. Finding meaning in our work is important to us, and working here means you’ll know you’re using your talents for something that matters.

Description of Duties

We’re looking for someone with civil litigation experience who can take over cases and handle them with minimal supervision. We do not expect you to know everything; but you need to be able to (i) know how to look up what you don’t know, (ii) know that you don’t know something and need to look, and (iii) be able and willing to ask someone else in the firm when you need help. This person will be expected to handle discovery, briefing, arguing motions before courts and arbitrators, etc. You will also be involved in a team on larger, more complex cases.

More About the Position

This position is almost entirely remote. You will be expected to work from home most of the time. You will need your own working space at home (or some other location you supply) and a solid, fast, internet connection. You may need to make trips to go to court, visit clients, take depositions, etc. You would not need to visit an office unless it is related to a client meeting or deposition.

Your hours will generally by 9-5 Monday through Friday, but because the work is remote you will have some flexibility if you need to take time off during the week occasionally for personal reasons. The primary goal is for you to complete your work timely.


  • Active law license – preferred states (Texas, California, Georgia, New York, Florida)
  • Must be able to attend court in your state when necessary
  • High proficiency with computers and computer systems
  • Ability to work remotely at home
  • An outgoing personality. You need to enjoy speaking with clients and be relatable.
  • Willingness to learn new areas of law. Our areas of practice span multiple jurisdictions and include many diverse areas of consumer protection law (state and federal). You must become conversant in these areas to litigate the cases for our clients.
  • Understanding and familiarity with your state’s rules of civil procedure and the Federal rules of civil procedure
  • Ability to handle a very large case load. This means you must be highly organized and efficient in working your assigned cases.


  • Additional bar licenses, preferably in one or more of the states listed above
  • Experience in conducting trials and/or arbitrations
  • Experience and knowledge in one or more of the following
  • EFAA, TILA, EFTA, and the corresponding regulations
  • Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
  • Class Action procedure and litigation
  • At least two years of civil litigation experience OR significant trial experience (civil or criminal)

Interview & Hiring

Applicants will be asked to participate in multiple Zoom chats, provide writing samples, and provide references. Applicants that we wish to hire will need to complete a conflict screen and execute a confidentiality agreement (not noncompete).

Salary & Benefits

  • Competitive salary (contact us for details). Health insurance is available.
  • Bonuses based on objective criteria. Bonuses are not capped and are designed to allow highly successful litigators to greatly exceed their base salary.
  • Work from home. You must have a home office in which you can work without interruption. You will not be required to travel to an office daily. You may be required to travel for court appearances and for other tasks that require you to be present in-person.
  • Flexible hours. If you complete your work timely and meet deadlines you will be permitted to select your own working schedule.

About Kneupper & Covey PC

Kneupper & Covey is a plaintiff’s law firm focused on consumer rights and consumer advocacy. We aim to take cases that may other firms will not to help people who may not otherwise be able to find legal representation. We have offices in Duluth, GA and Huntington Beach, CA and our practice covers clients in Georgia, Texas, and California. We handle a wide array of consumer cases including fraud, EFTA, FDCPA, motor vehicle title issues, breach of warranty, class actions, and more. We’re a new firm that is quickly growing. The firm runs lean and is heavily focused on technology to streamline the work. If you want to help everyday people this is a great place to make a difference. ( Kneupper & Covey is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit and business need.

How to Apply

Email your resume and writing samples to Put ATTORNEY APPLICATION in the subject line. Make sure your contact information is on your resume.