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Romantic novelist’s trademarking of word ‘cocky’ sparks outcry

Faleena Hopkins, whose works include Cocky Romantic and Cocky Cowboy, is said to have written to other writers asserting her right to the adjective in titles

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Romance writer’s bid to stop authors from using word ‘cocky’ fails in court

Self-published author Faleena Hopkins asserted her right to the word, but judge calls attempt to stop other authors using it ‘weak’

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Fake ‘Shark Tank’-Endorsed Diet Pill Suit Proceeds on RICO Claim

Keto diet pill buyers got a California federal court’s go-ahead to pursue civil RICO claims in a proposed class suit alleging they were overcharged and tricked into thinking the products were featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

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Class Action Claims Over ‘Free Trial’ Skin Cream Scam Advance

While a federal judge advanced a class action accusing a host of marketers, software and fulfillment companies of running an online scam for La Pura skin cream, finding the culprit behind the alleged conspiracy — and recovering damages — poses a challenge.

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Who Owns Cocky?

A trademark war roils the romance world.

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