At Kneupper & Covey we regularly represent people who have problems getting a company to repair or replace a product under a warranty. That’s especially frustrating when the entire product you paid for was the warranty itself. Home warranties are sold by a lot of companies, but one of the biggest ones is a company called American Home Shield Corporation. They sell a variety of plans that are supposed to cover problems that might come up with various issues with your home or home appliances—anything from roof repairs to electrical systems to the air conditioning.

If you’ve tried to get American Home Shield (or any other home warranty company) to repair something in your home, but they’ve refused coverage, we may be able to help. Our firm regularly files lawsuits or arbitrations to force companies to abide by the promises they made in their warranty. If you’ve tried to make sure AHS kept their promises but they wouldn’t, you might have a legal claim against them.

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Can I file a lawsuit against American Home Shield or do I have to go to arbitration?

Like most companies these days, American Home Shield has an arbitration clause in its contract. So you may be forced to arbitration, which is like a condensed version of a traditional lawsuit. Instead of a judge, you have an “arbitrator,” a lawyer who decides which of the parties is correct and how much to award them.

But American Home Shield isn’t immune from liability just because they’re not in court. Most of the arbitrations against them settle, just like most lawsuits. And when they’ve taken it to the mat, consumers have won awards up to $11,999 based on data from the American Arbitration Association.

Our firm has extensive experience in arbitration—we’ve represented numerous consumers and we know how the process works. And studies show consumers are much more successful with an attorney representing them than trying to do it themselves. Arbitrations aren’t easy. They’re like lawsuits with complex rules, and a big company will have an attorney of their own working against you. When we’re on your side, you don’t have to worry about being outgunned.

What kinds of claims do people raise against American Home Shield?

Based on BBB complaints and lawsuits against AHS, here are some types of legal claims that it’s possible you could have.

1) Personal Injury From Contractors – Home warranty companies usually hire contractors to do the actual repairs—and they’re not always the best. They may be careless or may actually leave your home in a dangerous state. If you’ve been injured by someone sent to your home by American Home Shield or another home warranty company, the warranty company themselves may be liable if the contractor was acting as their agent.

2) Improper Delays or Coverage Refusals – If American Home Shield refused to cover a repair that they should have, or unreasonably delayed doing anything about an issue you reported to them, you may have a claim. One example would be a broken AC unit – nobody wants to go weeks or months without air conditioning, and if you’ve got kids or pets, it can even be dangerous. Something like plumbing or toilets needs to be fixed immediately and not months after you report it. This is one of the most common things people allege in their BBB reviews about the company. A lot of people have expressed frustration about difficulties they’ve had getting on the phone with someone or getting a prompt response.

3) False Advertising – If you were told you’d get a certain level of service or coverage and you didn’t in the ads you saw, AHS may be liable for false advertising if you relied on those statements.

4) Replacing Appliances With Cheaper or Lower Quality Replacements – Some people have claimed they received a lower quality appliance than the one they originally had. If you buy a $400 garbage disposal you wouldn’t want it replaced with one that costs $89—but that’s what one Better Business Bureau complaint alleged.

5) Charging Improper Fees – If you’ve been charged fees you don’t owe, you might also have a claim.

If you think you have a breach of warranty claim or other legal claim against American Home Shield or any other home warranty company, we’re happy to evaluate your case at no cost. Click Here to Submit Your Claim. We handle lawsuits and arbitrations by consumers against companies that sell warranty plans for your home but don’t honor them, and we can help you determine if you have a valid potential claim.