Vroom is a car dealer that sells cars online, advertising that you can complete the entire purchase process with them on the Internet. But the company has over 2,000 complaints to the Better Business Bureau, and the BBB has even issued an alert about the company. If you’ve bought from Vroom and had a bad experience, you aren’t alone—and you have legal rights.

Kneupper & Covey represents people who have problems with car dealers or who buy what they think is a good car and end up stuck with a lemon. We’ve helped lots of consumers with similar problems, whether from a local car dealer or from an online dealer like Vroom. We have represented hundreds of clients specifically against Vroom alone.

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So what kinds of issues might there be with a Vroom car sale that could give you a valid legal claim?

Damaged Vehicles

Some consumers have reported to the Better Business Bureau that their vehicles were damaged (either on the body or on the interior). Some claim that their cars had been delivered at night which made it difficult to even tell whether the car was damaged or not. If you can’t even see the car properly, you can’t be expected to notice damage.

State lemon laws may protect you, and even if they don’t, there are other options—warranty claims, breach of contract, or general state consumer protection laws might help you depending on where you bought the car.

Different Car From What You Bought

Some consumers have reported that they saw pictures of one car online, but Vroom delivered a different one from the one they thought they were buying.

Vroom Won’t Give You Title to the Vehicle

Some customers report long delays in getting title to their car from Vroom. In many states this is actually illegal, because most states have laws that require the title to be given to you in a short period (for example, 30 days).

If you can’t get the title to your car promptly, it could mean there’s a problem. Vroom might not actually own it, or there might be a debt or a lien that needs to be paid off and hasn’t been. You could be at risk even driving the car because in many states the title is needed to properly register the car—it might get towed, or you might get a ticket.

You should get your title promptly, and if it’s been months and they’re still not giving it to you, you may have the right to sue depending on what state you live in.

Delays in Payment or Withholding Money

One repeated report on the BBB website for Vroom is people claiming Vroom isn’t promptly giving them their money (either money they’re owed from a car sale, or that Vroom hasn’t given them the car but is still holding onto the customer’s money). One customer reported in a BBB complaint about Vroom: “I now have a delinquency on my credit from Ally as well as receiving calls and letters regarding the repossession of a vehicle I sold to Vroom nearly 3 months ago.”

This isn’t acceptable—and someone who’s had their credit damaged or is being held responsible for a car they sold months previously has rights.

Vroom Hasn’t Delivered the Car

One issue that consumers report to the BBB is that there are delays in delivery or that they’re paying for the car but don’t actually have it. This means you could be making a monthly payment, but not actually have a car to drive to work.

Failure to Secure Financing

You may have been told by Vroom that you’d get financing, but then because of clerical errors it doesn’t process at the right time—and then suddenly even after paying for the car, you’re being told that you can’t actually buy it (for example, if your credit rating went down some in the meantime).

Our Lawsuits Against Vroom Have Been Featured on ABC News Station WSB-TV

Kneupper & Covey has represented hundreds of people attempting to recover from Vroom. Our work was featured on ABC News in Atlanta, and an interview with Jarrett Faber from K&C about one of the arbitration awards can be seen here.

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