Attorney Cyclone Covey was recently interviewed by Channel 2 News Atlanta (ABC) about Kneupper & Covey’s mass arbitration against Vroom, an online car dealer, over title & registration issues. Kneupper & Covey is pursuing justice on behalf of more than 200 consumers who bought cars online, but had trouble getting their title & registration from Vroom. A mass arbitration is kind of like a smaller version of a class action, when a law firm represents large numbers of clients in separate arbitrations against the same company. Title problems are far more common than you might imagine, and it’s been a disaster in recent years with online car dealers, who sold cars they didn’t have the title to. Some of the firm’s clients have had to wait more than a year, or have never gotten their title & registration at all. Some have learned that Vroom will never be able to get it to them, even though they’ve bought the cars and been making payments every month on a car they can’t legally drive without risking impoundment or arrest.

Kneupper & Covey represents consumers across a wide variety of areas. Our firm has a strong track record in lemon law cases or cases involving car warranties. When you buy a car, in most states there are not only laws requiring the dealer to promptly give you the title, but there’s something called an implied warranty of title – a promise that you’ll get the title that is implied by the fact that you were sold the car. We fight back against car dealers who think they can sell someone a car and never actually make them the legal owner.

If you’ve bought a car from Vroom or another car dealer and you’re having a problem or being treated badly, we’ll review your case at no cost. Click Here to Submit Your Claim Details We may be able to help.