Our Attorneys Help Consumers Sue Carvana

Carvana is the biggest online car dealership out there. They sold more than 400,000 cars last year. But they also get a lot of complaints. And a lot of customers feel like they’ve been left out in the cold by the company.

Kneupper & Covey is a consumer protection firm that focuses on helping people who haven’t been treated fairly by businesses. A few years ago, we started taking on cases against online car dealers because there was a crisis: thousands of people had bought cars, but couldn’t get the title. We took on roughly 300 clients all around the country who’d bought from a car dealer in Texas called Vroom. And even though the company ended up closing down and going out of business, we helped our clients get settlements and proper titles.

Now Carvana is the biggest online dealer. And we’ve been taking on clients who’ve had problems with them as well. Our attorneys are some of the most experienced in the country in dealing with the problems unique to online dealers. And if you have a case against Carvana but you’re not in one of the states we’re licensed in, we have attorneys who partner with us in most states who can help.

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Attorney Kevin Kneupper explains the firm’s interest in Carvana lawsuits

What kind of problems are people reporting with Carvana?

When you sell 400,000 cars a year, not everything is going to go right. But Carvana has had more problems than the average dealer that isn’t online.

They had a huge problem making sure that people actually got the titles to their cars – so many people were having this problem that it prompted a number of state attorney generals to investigate. And while Carvana has done a much better job with that issue recently, if they don’t get you the title promptly, you have legal rights. Many states specifically allow you to be compensated for loss of use of the car, because in many states you can’t legally drive the car until you’ve got the title. We’ve even seen clients get their cars impounded or get arrested.

Another problem Carvana customers call us about is getting a car that was a complete lemon. Just because you’re selling used cars doesn’t mean they don’t have to work. If a car breaks down right after you buy it, then it almost certainly had a problem when it was delivered. You deserve what you paid for: a car that actually works.

We’ve seen people with warranty issues who don’t think Carvana is repairing their car when it should.

We’ve seen people whose complaint is that they didn’t get the accessories the car was supposed to have. For example, it might have less expensive tires than it was supposed to, or no floor mats even though it was supposed to have them. Or it might not have the right features.

Some people have even complained online that Carvana didn’t even send them the right car, or they got a completely different one than they thought they would.

Other consumers have complained about delivery problems like scratches, dents, or paint issues.

Can I sue Carvana?

If you think you weren’t treated fairly, our attorneys will review documentation about your purchase and your complaint. If they think you have a good claim, we take cases on contingency, meaning we only recover if you win, and we don’t charge up front. The fee that comes out of any recovery or settlement may include both attorney’s fees and the costs of the lawsuit (things like the filing fees).

We can’t guarantee that you’d settle or win. But we fight hard for our clients, and we work with you closely to make sure any settlement is one you’re happy with – or we’ll go keep fighting.

When it comes to Carvana, in most cases we have to do what’s called an arbitration instead of filing it in court. That’s because while we’ve seen several versions of their contracts with different people, they’ve all required you to waive your right to go to court and have what’s called an “arbitrator” decide your case.

An arbitration is like a mini-trial in which a lawyer or former judge is appointed to decide the case. It happens in private, and it usually happens remotely over Zoom these days. If your case goes to the end of the arbitration without settling, you’d need to be willing to testify as a witness in the arbitration about what happened to you.

Why hire an attorney if I have a problem with Carvana?

We generally recommend that people try to fix their problem with a company first. Sometimes they can. But with car dealerships, there’s a lot of incentive financially for the dealer not to help you out. If your car was a lemon, then they could be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars to actually fix your problem. They may not be willing to do that until a lawyer gets involved.

If you look at the Better Business Bureau complaints about Carvana, thousands of people are claiming they couldn’t get any help. But with a lawyer fighting for you, they can’t just tell you to go away. If they won’t settle with you, we file the arbitration.

Why hire Kneupper and Covey if I’ve got a problem with Carvana?

We recruit lawyers who were top students at some of the best law schools in the country. They come to our firm because they want to change the way our system works. We want regular people to have lawyers who are better than the ones a big corporation can hire. And we want to make our money by helping people who need it.

You can read about one of our successful arbitrations against online car dealership Vroom here:


The local news reported on it, and while most cases settle and stay confidential, our client in that case won a victory he was happy with.

We know exactly what happens to people who have problems with their cars. We’ve seen people get their entire lives ruined because they bought a lemon. If your car doesn’t work, you can’t get to your job. You can’t get paid. We’ve seen people lose their apartments, lose their jobs, lose everything they had – all because of one car purchase gone wrong. We want to stop that, and we want to make sure car dealers do right by the people they’re selling to.

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