Kneupper & Covey’s pursuit of justice for consumers who bought cars from Vroom is making the news: Action 9, a news station in Charlotte, recently interviewed Cyclone Covey regarding the firm’s mass arbitration on behalf of more than 200 victims of Vroom’s deceptive trade practices. Many consumers have bought cars from Vroom, only to find out that Vroom won’t give them the title for months or even years. That’s against the law, and it’s not ok. Vroom’s new CEO has even admitted that it shouldn’t be happening even once, and that the company grew too fast. He’s right: it shouldn’t happen even once, and the company should be doing something about it and compensating the people they’ve hurt.

Consumers have lost their jobs, been unable to drive, have paid for a car they didn’t own, or suffered severe distress from having their life upended. In many states, when you don’t have a title to your car, you can’t drive it. We’ve seen people have their cars impounded or people get into accidents and not be able to claim insurance because they had no title. This is a serious issue, and sometimes the only way to get out of it is to get a lawyer.

Filing a lawsuit against Vroom is complicated. Vroom’s contract specifies that people have to arbitrate, and for most people it specifies that Texas law applies. Kevin Kneupper from Kneupper & Covey is licensed in Texas and the firm is very familiar with Texas’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act, a strong law that protects consumers against any kind of unfair practices.

If you’ve bought a car from Vroom and you can’t get them to give you a title, or there are other issues like mechanical problems or false representations, we’ll review your case at no cost. Click Here to Submit Your Claim. We’ll take a look, and we may be able to help.