A Kneupper & Covey client’s suit against Vroom has been featured in a NJ.com news article, which walks through what can happen to people who don’t get the title to their cars. Two years after purchasing the car, the client still does not have the title and registration – and the car is sitting in an impound lot after the NYPD impounded it for not being properly titled.

We’re representing almost 300 clients against Texas-based Vroom who had similar problems with their purchasing experience. Before COVID it was almost unheard of to buy a car and not get the title. But with supply chain problems and shortages of used cars, everything became a mess. And some dealers were desperate to make sales and were selling cars they’d never be able to actually give a proper title for.

Be careful out there when you’re buying a car. If you end up stuck in that situation, we may be able to help. Our attorneys have represented hundreds of consumers with this exact problem, and many states have tough laws that punish a dealer who doesn’t get you the title within a short period of time (usually a couple of weeks to a month). Click Here to Submit Your Claim Details.