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Suzy Garcia


Suzy Garcia is a Civil Litigation Paralegal with over ten years of experience. Suzy’s areas of specialization are Business Litigation and Employment Law. Suzy obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from California State University Northridge in 2017. In 2009, she completed the Paralegal Certificate Program at the University of Santa Barbara.

Suzy assists attorneys she works with by bringing to bear her extensive experience in Civil Litigation to provide detailed support in completing wide ranging and varied tasks. From complex litigation to simple cases, Suzy is involved from the inception to closing out the files. Suzy maintains close contact with clients and uses her considerable multitasking skills and client management experience to effectively maintain great relationships with them. Suzy helps manage the discovery process, maintain the case calendar and deadlines, and prepare attorneys for hearings and trials.


Suzy is a true believer in justice and fairness. She uses her free time to help individuals in her community, at no cost, by translating documents, helping them file their own claims at the various state agencies or helping them carry out clerical tasks that could prevent them from seeking redress of grievances. When she is not helping others or working, Suzy enjoys spending time with her kids by going hiking, camping or taking a drive to the Carpinteria beach.

Suzy grew up in Santa Barbara County and now lives in Tustin with her family.

Suzy Garcia Consumer Protection Paralegal California

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