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Are you a victim of consumer fraud?  Have you been harmed as a result of the practices of a specific business or corporation?  Did the product or service you just purchased differ greatly from what you were promised in the advertisements?  

You need someone on your side, a team of legal experts who will truly have your best interests in mind, backed by the experience to help you navigate the legal process.

Kneupper & Covey PC provides consumer protection legal services for clients around the country, with offices in Georgia as well as California.  Ready to start the process?

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Here are four reasons why you should consider contacting Kneupper & Covey if you believe you need a consumer protection lawyer.


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Our firm has experience bringing both state and federal claims. We know the law and have done it before.

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We fight for our clients. We’re not afraid to go to trial.

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We work in the 21st century. We use modern software to communicate with our clients. 

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We will give you an honest assessment of your case. If the case has weaknesses we will tell you what they are and why.

Breach of Warranty Attorneys in Georgia

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If you have purchased a product that has failed to perform as promised then you may have a claim for breach of warranty.

Many companies honor their warranties and even go above and beyond and repair and replace items for which the warranty has expired. We commend those companies! Many other companies, however, fail to honor their warranties. The primary reason for this is the cost. It’s expensive to repair or replace a product that has failed. A company earns money for selling you the product, but they lose money when they have to perform a warranty repair or replacement. So many companies try to avoid it.

If you think you may have such a claim, contact Kneupper & Covey PC for your Free Case Evaluation.

Atlanta False Advertising Attorneys

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False advertising is described as the crime or misconduct of publishing, transmitting, or otherwise publicly circulating an advertisement containing a false, misleading, or deceptive statement, made intentionally or recklessly to promote the sale of property, goods, or services to the public. One form of false advertising is to claim that a product has a health benefit or contains vitamins or minerals that it in fact does not.Many governments use regulations to control false advertising. A false advertisement can further be classified as deceptive if the advertiser deliberately misleads the consumer, as opposed to making an honest mistake.

Working with an experienced lawyer for false advertising issues can be a valuable asset for your claim. A lawyer who handles false advertising cases on a regular basis will already be familiar with the laws that apply, will know which claims are strong enough to make it to court, and will be able to predict the possible outcomes of your case based on the relevant facts.  Have you been the victim of false advertising?  Contact Kneupper & Covey PC right away!

Class Action Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

members of a class action lawsuit in california

When big companies act negligently and harm large groups of people, it can appear as if there are few consequences for their actions. They’re able to fill the environment with toxins, manufacture dangerous drugs, and put people’s lives at risk with little more than a fine as punishment.

Fortunately, class action lawsuits are a proven way to hold even the most deep-pocketed companies accountable for the damage they cause to regular people. If you’ve been hurt by one of these big companies, Kneupper & Covey are prepared to fight back and work to balance the scales of justice once more. Contact them today.

Lawyers Near Atlanta, Georgia

Cyclone Covey, Partner

Cyclone has been practicing law since 2003. He began his career in complex commercial construction litigation at the firm of Griffin, Cochrane, and Marshall in Atlanta, Georgia. In his first two years as an associate he was lead chair in a major commercial arbitration, second chair in a two-week jury trial in Georgia Superior Court, and the attorney selected to brief and argue a major summary judgment case in the First Circuit Court of Appeals. 

In 2006 Cyclone left Griffin, Cochrane, and Marshall to join his family’s wholesale auto auction business, Verastar. There he served as the company’s General Counsel and Director of Operations until Verastar was sold to Insurance Auto Auctions in 2008.

As general counsel he has worked on issues as diverse as insurance coverage, HIPAA compliance, personal injury claims, employment law, intellectual property, contract law, product liability, product warranty, tax compliance, property rights, zoning laws, and numerous other fields.

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